A quarter-century ago I started a journey with a vision to impart quality education. It began by naming what we all know by the name of Springfield Public School, Ambala, but it was not always named Springfield.
The story of this institution that I am sharing today is known to only a handful.
It all began by naming the institution as Shanti Public School, as a tribute to my loving mother, Shanti Devi, and need not say that till date I am very affectionate and respectful towards her.
A couple of weeks later, I decided to name the managing trust after her i.e Shanti Educational and Charitable Trust and hence my journey to find a suitable name began.
While I was brainstorming, I saw the then U.S. President Bill Clinton presiding over a school’s function at Springfield, Illinois, US. I was so heartfelt and impressed by the student’s performance that I decided to name this institution as Springfield Public School.
As I always refer to, that was the time when only I knew this name but today millions refer to this school as a benchmark in education.
I am grateful to my father who always mentored & guided me, my family, my teachers and my friends who always stood by me, the founding members of the trust who were always there to guide and support me. I am thankful to Col. S.S. Bhinder who was the founding principal for his untiring efforts. The ethos and values that he instilled in this institution have become pillars of the school.
I am indebted to my team whether it be the principals, the teachers, admin staff, or support staff who have worked tirelessly 24×7 like a well-oiled machine to make this institution what it is today.
Today I would also like to acknowledge and praise the vendors, the service providers and all others who are or were associated with us, for their support.
Last but not the least, the students who have worked hard and brought laurels to this institution, your success is what has been the most satisfying and sweetest fruit of this journey. Whenever I see you flourish and happy, I, recollect and cherish every moment that they have spent here and thank almighty that he gave us the strength and ability to educate you. This school belongs to you and shall be there for you always.

Naresh Guglani
Springfield Public School