Please select the class that you are studying in and perform the mentioned tasks/ activities. The videos, ppts, pictures, reports etc. related to the activities should reach the following e-mail IDs by 15.04.2020. All the parents are requested to only guide the child let the tasks be original work of the child, in case it is found by the evaluator that it is not original work of the child and the parent or some other adult has done the work it shall be considered an invalid submission. 

You may additionally also refer to the activity of the day section for daily update on the days activity in addition to the below mentioned tasks. The best picture of activity of the day shall be shared on the schools page.

  1. As Said ,“Prevention is better than Cure” Make a video on How to wash hands and sanitize essential goods that you bring from market and send it to your teacher.
  2. Make a Thanks Giving Card For Corona Warriors and share its picture with your Teacher, give the same card to some corona warrior and thank him for his/her efforts.(Once the lockdown is over)(take a picture of the same and submit it to your teacher)
  3. Make a Video of How Corona Virus spreads,(with the help of your family members) interview them on the same and share it with your teacher and friends,  hence spread awareness.
  4. Best utilization of time: Create an exercise routine together, play board games, learn about COVID19 , share the photos while doing the activities with your teacher.
  5. Consider that you could ask Doreamon for a gadget at this time to protect the world what would it be and how will you use it to protect the world. Record a video in which you are describing it.
  1. Make a Beautiful Poster on “Practice Good Hygiene” in this difficult time and share a pic of the poster with your teacher.
  2.  Share some slogans with your teacher in a video format “showing motivation for our corona warriors and inculcate it in a presentation form.”
  3. Prepare two videos showing How Corona has changed our lifestyles(one serious and one humorous/sarcastic (one video has to be in English and the other one in Hindi.)
  4. Prepare a presentation on what is a virus and different types of viruses.What do you mean by mutation in viruses. How has there been mutation in some of the viruses in the past.
  5. Is it the first time that the corona virus has infected mankind or has it been in the past as well. If it has infected in the past as well then in which country and when.How did the people of those countries get over it then Prepare a video presentation about the same.
  6. Draw a corona faced cartoon and a superhero character depicting corona warrior. Frame a short story around these two characters where the super hero protects the world and eradicates the virus. You may use as many more fictitious characters as you wish.(name & draw them ( fictitious characters could be like friends of both the characters etc.)) 
  1. Make a chart on how the lock-down is beneficial in limiting spread of corona virus infection. Share your experience, regarding best utilisation of time during lock down. Write a letter to your friends regarding few methods of learning at home and preventing spread of corona during lock-down.
  2. What do you mean by the word ‘pandemic’? Which was the last pandemic and when? Which diseases are completely eradicated from the world by vaccination? What was the worst disease in history?Can disease ever be fully eradicated? Make a PPT covering all the above topics and compiling all other such information about pandemics. Send the PPT through mail to your teacher.
  3. How health systems can be strengthened? What changes can be made in the lifestyles to prevent such diseases further? Why did the virus spread so rapidly and how can we deal with this risk? How we can educate ‘future generations’ for COVID-19 and the precautions that they should take to limit the spread of such diseases in future. Write an article for a newspaper (min. 600 words) covering all the above topics. share it with your teacher.
  4. What happens when a ‘pandemic virus’ emerges? How many doses of pandemic vaccines would each person need? Are there other ways to slow a pandemic? How can non- pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) be used during a pandemic? Write & share script for a street play/skit to educate the people about the above mentioned topics.
  1. The Corona pandemic has resulted in an enormous setback and disillusion all over the world.There are a lot of uncertainties, imagine how current developments will shape a post-corona society. Also, the coronavirus crisis has spurred the growth of online work. So how can we plan for a future of ‘decent digiwork’.Make a presentation highlighting your views on the same, support your views with authentic facts and figures.
  2. Technology has been fundamental in allowing people to do the things they loved: from online fitness classes to socialising with friends. Think of more ways in which technology is playing a vital role in our lives during lockdown period and also highlight the points in an article.
  3. Write a letter to your best friend for various measures taken by your community/ society to make lockdown successful and to prevent the spread of corona virus infection. Request your friend to share his society condition and how he is taking precautions from spread of corona virus infection. Draw a flow chart on how does corona virus infection spread? 
  4.  Explain characteristics and important lessons learned from Corona disease? Why we need research/ detailed information on corona? How education can encourage students to become advocates for disease prevention and control at home, in school, and in their community? Draw a picture on various modes by which COVID-19 spread?
  5. A lot of innovations are taking place world wide to fight this pandemic People have innovated and made low cost ventilators, low cost testing kits, all body senatizers, there have been innovations in delivery of education content and other products and services etc. Prepare a list of at least 10 such innovations and also write about the one you liked the most and why.
  6.  Some organisations like Lamborghini in Italy has started making masks, Indian Rail coach factory made a ow cost ventilator etc. think and discuss about certain innovative products/ services which are related to parents profession yet out of league that you and your parents could keeping in mind their profession.
  7. Suppose you are a scientist and were to design a machine to help the world with your innovative machine to help fight this pandemic. What machine would you design. Draw a rough sketch of the machine and elaborate on its functioning and materials required to build the machine and its working principles.


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